What is Step Down Transformer

Step Down Transformer manufactures as the name suggest the device which downs the voltage from certain level to a desired level. In India voltage is 22V or 400V. The equipment/ machines which comes from European countries come with 110V or with 220V . To feed these devices step Down Transformer is required. ServoStar is one of best manufacturers of Stepdown transformer not in Delhi , Gurgaon , Noida but in all India. We are k nown for our quality. We manufacture AC step Down transformer as well DC transformer . Customer can buy step Down transformer from Servostar without any second thought , because of the following.

Our Team (20 Years Experience)

Our organization’s success mostly depends on the employees working with it. And we are proud to have the support of fully efficient and highly skilled employees working in the organization. Our team member has got an immense experience in their respective fields which helps them in delivering better quality products. Further, we regularly organize skill development sessions in order to meet our team updated with the advancements in the industry. We have well qualified Experienced Engineer who have more than 20 years Experience in power Industries.

Our Quality

We manufacture transformers by copper wound on CRGO Lamination as per ISI specification in order to attain high efficiency and low losses. We keep in mind to manufacture all our products as per ISI specifications. To ensure that we follow all internationalnorms in our manufacturing process, we are equipped with a R&D unit and testing section which has got all tools and testing facilities that support us in supplying products as per client’s specificrequirement. We do 72 Hour Rugged Testing before dispatching any Equipment.


We promise to provide our service in Delhi and NCR within three hours and all over India, within three days. Our service engineers are involved in 24x7x365 duty which helps us in delivering a better and unbeatable service to our clients. This is one of the special features of the company that has proved to be helpful in getting clients from many parts of the world. We feel proud to be associated with companies like:-

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